Festival registration fee includes

Daily weather info

Being on the wrong site with a little too much or too light wind or even 20 degrees cross wind means that you cannot go ridge soaring on such low ridges. Sometimes a local phenomenon can make a westward site work perfectly even in eastern wind! With over 20 years of local knowledge, we are sure to maximize your flying chances during your stay with us.  


Daily briefings about flying spots

The wind direction and speed may direct us to different flying sites during the week. We give you a through briefing about the best potential spots, challenging points, dangers etc. for each site we go to use during the briefing in the morning.

Ground handling practical seminars

Our major focus is to give you a fun week and expand your skills in glider control no mater you are a rooky or a pro. With more than 2 decades of dune-playing in the baggage, we are sure to have some precious tips for you too.

Each day includes some independent flying sessions and some group sessions (Ground handling practical seminar). During the independent flying session, you go flying and playing arround on your own. Our instructors walk around and observe your small and big mistakes. During the group sessions one of our team instructors attach the wing and show you the best way to avoid the mistakes we have just observed you do during the “independent flying session”.

Each day includes at least one practical seminar for rookies and one for pros. You decide if you show up to one, both or none of the seminars.


Tips & tricks from our instructors and team pilots

During the independent flying session, our instructors and team members walk around and observe you. They also give you some tips and tricks regarding your challenges and how to improve your skills.


Theme night with music & Danish inspired food

Of course, we are living on a flying site; The chances are big that you are far away from any other kind of civilization😉.

Both Let´s have fun together anyway.

Some light Danish food and music to enjoy will be served one of the evenings during the festival.


Permission and site fees

In cases that we go to use a site which needs permission for flying orr flying from a private property, all needed permissions and site fees are cleared in advance.


Helpful advice about tourist attractions

This is basically just a good tourist information guide over the area. But you never know, we may get good weather from the first minute. Then you will be in a hurry to send the non-flyers away asap. We help you with that too.😊